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Now retired, many of the courses I developed from scratch.

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France Sketches

Art 100
Intro to Art

Art 101
2D - Design

Art 102
3 Dimensional Design

Art 111 BeginningDrawing       
Art 112 
Beginning Fig.Drawing

Art 113
Advanced Figure Drawing

Art 201, 202, and 203
Oil Painting

An introductory course for non-art majors; it was part lecture and part lab.

A required course for art majors used to study composition, color theory and problem solving

A required course for art majors used mostly paper and board to create models for larger or more permanent works

A beginning level drawing class emphasizing observation, proportioning, perspective, shading and introducing correct us of various media.

Used models in drawing for composition and shading control in black and white media (112) and in color (113)

Introduction to oil painting from creating compositions, observation of reflections, textural differences, good proportioning and color mixing and application.  canvas building also covered.  (202)  did landscapes, interiors and self-portrait. (203) did a realistic version of a still-life they created and then proceeded to do a W on W, Fauve version, and two abstractions based on the still-life.

Art 210
Computer Design

Art 253 
Art History of the
Baroque through

the Twentieth Century

Art 255

History of the Art of Asia

Art 290
Art Business

It was the first level of computer work in Photoshop and Illustrator

A lecture class that covered the more contemporary time periods.  Emphasis was placed on the 19th and 20th Centuries.

A large world survey of the art of most of the Asian countries from Paleolithic to modern

A required class for art majors.   it focused on portfolio preparation, marketing, and business practices.


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