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Taveuni Is., Fiji
Travel - Always an Adventure

I love to travel. To me it is the true learning experience. I have visited about 38 states of the lower 48, as well as, 38 different countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. In the Peace Corps I lived for two years in the small remote village of Chintalipudi in Andra Pradesh state of south India. As a consequence of that stay I was able to travel extensively in India, from Kashmir to Calcutta to Bombay to Madras. I received a Fulbright in 1990 for the Study of Culture and Art of India after a twenty year absence. The smells and sounds felt like I had come home. Three years later I received another Fulbright Grant to study the Culture of Indonesia where I discovered great similarities to India, as well as, wonderful differences. The trips back from these places took me to Nepal, Thailand, China and Japan. In 1998, because of these travels, I gave a talk at the International Conference on Society and Culture in Sydney, Australia. This allowed me to travel to Ularu (previously known as Ayer's Rock), New Zealand and Fiji. All of this Asian travel was put to use in my History of the Art of Asia that I taught each Fall quarter in the evening.

One of my other hobbies is leading tour groups with my friend, Scott "Serge" Bernhard. On our joint trips we have visited many picturesque villages in mostly southern France. France is a very special place to me since it has such fine appreciation of art. It has fabulous museums and nice places to sit with a glass of wine and watch the world go by. It's the only country that I know that puts a picture of an artist on its money instead of a politician. It's too bad that they had to adopt the euro. Although we have closed our tour business you will find my France watercolors among my other art techniques pages. France sketches and photos

In the Fall of 2001 Cheryl, Kristen (our 18 year old daughter) and I took an unbelievable voyage around the world. I have put together a series of pages that link the photos and watercolors as the voyage progressed. Some of the new countries on my list include new photos from Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, India, Seychelles, South Africa, Brazil, Paraguay and Cuba have been included. Individual photos are linked below.

Here are few pages which I've linked to my photos and travel sketches as time allows.
   Hellbrun Castle
   Sydney bridge
   Daintree River (photo)
   Ularu (photo)
   Aboriginal art, Ularu (photo)
   Grasses, Ularu (photo)
   A Spring, Ularu (photo)
   Brugge (photo)
   Brussels Sq. (photo)
   Mannequin (photo)
   Salvador women(photo)
   Sao Pedro Dos Clerigos, (wc)
   Bonfim (photo)
   Two Christs (photo)
   Iguassu Falls at sunrise (photo)
   Sunset off Brazil(photo)
   Sunrise at Angkor Wat (photo)
   Sunrise at Angkor Wat (wc)
   Head at Bayon (photo)
   Buddhist Nun at Bayon (photo)
   Ta Prohm ruin (photo)
   Ta Prohm tree (photo)
   Banteay Srei (photo)
   Tonle Sap Lake (photo)
   Telegraph Cove, B. C.
   Alert Bay forest, B. C.
   Desolation Sound, B. C.
   Lake in B.C.
   "SS Universe Explorer"
   Helmcken Falls, B. C.
   Hong Kong at night(photo)
   Tai O, a fishing village
   see Greece
   Hotel Ambos Mundos (photo)
   Hemingway's house (photo)
   Fidel Castro speaking (photo)
   House in Havana (photo)
   Cathedral in Havana(wc)
Boats in the old port in Copenhagen
   Central square, Copenhagen
   North Sea and Cliffs in Jutland
   Quito and the Equator
   Galapagos -
   Galapagos -tortoise
   Galapagos land iguanas
   Galapagos -marine iguana
   Taveuni beach (photo)
   Buoma Park (photo)
   France sketches and watercolors index
   Amboise (photo)
   Annecy canals (photo)
   Swan and Canal, Annecy (photo)
   Notre Dame (photo)
   Boulevard St. Germaine, Paris (sketch)
   Chateau de Chinon, (pano)
   Chateau in Beaune (photo)
   Roussillon (sketch)
   Pont-en-Royans (photo)
   Monet's House(photo)
   Monet's boat(photo)
   Rocamadour (photo)
   Chateau Beynac, Dordorgne (photo)
   Dordogne River (panorama)
   Pont du Garde, (photo)
   Minerve & Cathars (photo)
   Carcassonne (photo)
   Lods (photo)
   Roussillon arch(photo)
   Villefranche (photo)
   St. Emilion (photo)

   Neuschwanstein (photo)
   Heidelberg (photo)
   Bavaria (photo)
Great Britain
   Cathedral of York (photo)
   Iron Bridge (photo)
   Lake District, Patterdale (photo)
   Lake District Fences(photo)
   Lake District Farm (photo)
   Lake District Farm 2 (photo)
   Stonehenge (panorama)
   Avebury stones, (panorama)
   Oxford Camera (photo)
   The Thames at Oxford (photo)
   Sheldonian Theater, Oxford (photo)
   Exeter Chapel, Oxford (photo)
   Keble Dining Room, Oxford (photo)
   Santorini Caldera (photo)
   Santorini (photo)
   Olympia (photo)
   Crete, Knossus (photo)
   Rhodes, mosque (photo)
   Women of Udaipur (photo)
   Chapati Maker of Delhi (photo)
   Mahabalipuram (photo)
   Taj Mahal at Dusk (photo)
   The Great Stupa at Sarnath (photo)
   A 1500 year Mango Tree(photo)
   Mahabalipuram (photo)
   Khajaraho (photo)
   Kashmir vale (photo)
   Kashmir boats (photo)
   Jain Sandlewood grinder (photo)
   Gunung Mas, Java (photo)
   Tea Plantation(watercolor)
   Gunung Batur, Bali (photo)
   Mother Temple, Bali (photo)
   Rice Field, Bali (photo)
   Sianok Valley, West Sumatra (photo)
   House, Bukittinggi, W. Sumatra(photo)
   Carver, W. Sumatra(photo)
   Borobudur Buddha, Java (photo)
   The Cliffs of Moher, Co. Clare
   Stones of New Grange, Co. Meth
   Cobb, Co. Cork
   Dunmore Head of Dingle Penn, Kerry
   Hen Party in Galway, Co. Galway
   Dolman of Co. Clare
   Hill of Tara, Co. Meth

   Roman Forum (photo)
   The Coloseum, Rome (photo)
   El Duomo, Florence (photo)
   Villa d'Este, Tivoli (photo)
   Hadrian's Villa (photo)
   Gate to Pisa Cathedral (photo)
   Horses in Venice (photo)
   Pompeii forum (photo)
   Asakusa Temple, Tokyo (photo)
   The Great Buddha, Kamakura (photo)
   Ryoanji Dry Garden, Kyoto (photo)
   Ginkakuji (Silver Pavilion) Garden, Kyoto (photo)
   Diabutsuden Temple, Nara (photo)
   The Bridge in Luxembourg, (photo)
   Luxembourg from the river valley(watercolor)

    The Dharmakirti Stupa, (photo)
    A old pilgrim at Stupa, (photo)
    Chunganarayan Hindu temple, (photo)
    Pashupatinath temple, (photo)
Netherlands (Holland)
    The Windmill, (photo)
New Zealand
    Aukland from Mt. Eden (photo)
    Maori meeting house (photo)
    Modern Maori Carving. (photo)
    Steam vents in Rotorua (photo)
    Shopping area (photo)
   Urubamba, Sacred Valley(pan)

   Sel de Maras, (salt works)
   Machu  Pichu

   Cusco women
   Cusco Square w/ Cathedral (pan)

    See Greece
   Dumfries (photo)
   Beach on Mahé Island (watercolor)
   Beach on Mahé (photo)
   Silhouette Island (photo)
   Dauban Plantation, Sihouette Is. (wc)
   Raffles hotel (photo)
   Skyscrapers and old port (photo)
South Africa
   Waves and wind near Hermanus (photo)
   Desert plants in Kagga Kamma (photo)
   Wildebeast in Kagga Kamma (watercolor)
   Rocks of Kagga Kamma (photo)
   Bushman artist (photo)
   Sagrada Familia (photo)
   Gaudi's Guell Parc (photo)
   Segovia's Roman Aquaduct
   Lake Geneva (photo)
   Grindelwald (photo)
   Wat Arun, Bangkok (photo)
   The Palace, Bangkok (photo)
   Bodrum bay, (photo)
USA Index
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   Photos and Panoramas

   Mekong river (photo)
   Cao Dai Temple interior (photo)

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